• About Channon Roe
  • Channon Roe, has been an actor in the film and television Industry since the early 90’s. Some of his credits include; The Hangover 2, Boogie Nights, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Behind Enemy Lines and an extensive list of Television titles.
  • A California native, Roe grew up on the beaches of Newport, he is an avid surfer and is passionate about Ocean Conservation.
  • The Californian lifestyle has been an immense influence in Roe’s life and work, from the diversity of cultures both native and immigrant, the varied typography of landscape, the modern architecture movement (he was married at Schindler's Residence on King's Road), music and fine art.
  • While Roe is not in front of the camera, he finds a great creative outlet working exclusively for friends and colleagues within the entertainment, music and fashion industries, consulting on private residences, apartments, stores and most recently restaurants.
  • Channon Roe has custom designed and manufactured furniture on all his projects, he enjoys the individual personalized touch that this provides a space, having imported zinc from France and fabricating the handcrafted top of a dinning table, to wicker dining chairs and leather bar stools.
  • The New York TImes became the first publication to harness the many influences of Acting, Inspiration and Design, and ran a story on the California Coast in the New York TImes T Magazine - Travel Special The California Coast, Channon Roe was fetured shareing his love of California, bring in a hint of his Surf Insight. In 2013 Roe appeared as a features cover for Santa Barbara Magazine, featured story - Their place in the sun.